Special brands of polyurethanes posess a valuable combination of physical and mechanical properties that are not characteristic of any other polymeric materials: relatively low density / apparent density, high strength properties, especially resistance to abrasion, good resistance to ionizing radiation, extremely low thermal conductivity coefficient over a wide temperature range, exceptional comfort properties. These qualities of polyurethane materials make them indispensable in aviation and rocket engineering:

  • Insulation made of polyisocyanurate foam, designed to work in low and cryogenic temperatures (including isolation of tanks with liquid oxygen, etc.).
  • Paints, adhesives, coatings, sealants, anti-corrosion mixtures.
  • Urethane bonding agents for explosive propellants and composite materials.
  • Padding of aircraft seats and astronaut seats - made of elastic and viscoelastic molded polyurethane foam.
  • Fillers for fuel tanks of military aviation machinery - made of reticulated block-structured flexible polyurethane foam (preventing explosion of fuel vapors getting mixed with air when entering submunition fuel tanks).
  • Various parts made of polyurethane elastomers, thermoplastic PU and rigid microcellular PU foam.
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