Almost immediately after their invention, polyurethanes (especially those of foam kind) got to be widely used in the production of consumer goods, thus partially replacing traditional materials:

  • Various soft furniture elements made of molded elastic polyurethane foam of different types (highly elastic, latex-like PU and highly elastic PU foam).
  • Parts made of block-structured elastic PU foam (foam rubber) used for various soft elements of furniture (sheets, figured sheets, profiled sheets for mattresses, stuffing for pillows, etc.).
  • Parts made of elastic PU foam of secondary foaming (obtained by means of linear/contour scission) for various soft furniture elements (middle or bottom layer of mattresses, profiled sheets for mattresses, parts of armrests, upholstery for sofa backs).
  • Liners made of PU-gel - to enhance comfort properties of soft furniture elements used for various purposes.
  • Decorative and structural elements of furniture made of rigid PU foam or non-foamed rigid polyurethane (furniture fittings, headboards, decorative elements, furniture legs, etc.). Filled polyurethane materials used for manufacturing decorative elements.
  • Products and parts made of reticulated PU foam - for household use: earbuds in headphones, surface coating of ironing boards, sponges for cleaning suede clothes and shoes, "massage" sponges, aquarium filters, filter elements for household appliances.
  • Sponges for washing dishes/cars, bath sponges made of colored elastic block-structured PU foam (foam rubber).
  • Housings of household appliances made of rigid integral high-density PU foam (for TV-sets, washing machines, etc.).
  • Toys made of viscoelastic PU foam ("squishies").
  • Parts of sporting goods (handles) made of integral PU foam or elastomeric materials.
  • Prepelleted foam base for carpeting (canvas- or tile-like).
  • Various applicators for cosmetics made of elastic PU foam (cosmetic sponges).
  • Beehives made of rigid PU foam.
  • Polyurethane shoe soles and other light industry products are described in more detail in the relevant sections of this website.
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