NPU-SYSTEMS LLC is an industrial enterprise that develops and produces polyurethane components and systems for various fields of application.

The company specializes in making PU systems for the production of rigid and flexible polyurethane foams (pre-insulated pipes, construction foam, decorative elements, spray polyurethane foam, products made of viscoelastic and latex-like molded polyurethane foam to be used in furniture and medical products).

Despite the fact that the company was formed relatively recently, it has a large line of its own formulations and "know-how" for polyurethane foam of various applications.

NPU-SYSTEMS LLC keeps developing new PU-systems and is focused on constantly improving the quality of its products and expanding their range. Among the main principles of the company's work are catering to its customers' individual needs, developing PU-systems of special application and custom-made formulations, as well as providing full technical assistance at all stages of PU-system testing and production engineering.

Modern procedures of quality control of raw materials and finished products have been successfully implemented at the enterprise (and are fully complied with). An independent certification of the products confirmed their compliance with the standards and quality norms that are adopted both by the company and the polyurethane industry at large.

The manufacturing process is carefully organized in such a way as to exclude the raw materials produced by the manufacturers not well-established in the market of PU raw materials as well as prohibited foaming agents that destroy the ozone layer are not used either.
Head of Production
Chief Engineer
Sergey Burkov
Alexey Mikheev
Engineer; graduated from Saint Petersburg Mining University (Chemical Technology of Organic Substances department). Professional experience in petrochemical industry - 3 years (vapour-phase method of propylene polymerization). Professional experience in PU-systems production - 11 years.
Graduated from Moscow State Industrial University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Experience in the polyurethane industry (block and molded PU foam, production of injection molds) – 30 years.
Deputy Director General for Development
Head of Development, Engineering Service and Customer Technical Support
Maksim Ejsman
Olga Chinyaeva
Graduated from N.I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (field of studies: organic chemistry). Professional experience: developed polyether component formulations for rigid foam PU; developed formulations of construction foams in spray can packaging; provided technical support during PU-system production engineering. Long-term supervision of a PU laboratory team (research and quality control). Total work experience in the PU industry - 19 years.
Administrative Supervisor
Alina Kruteleva
Graduated from the Rostov-on-Don State Academy of Agricultural Engineering (RGASHM). Faculty: engineering technology. Specialty - engineer. Has over 12-years' experience in administration.


Director General
Leonid Rubinshtein
Graduated from Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME). Worked his way up from the works foreman to the Tashkent House-building Plant CEO. Took part in the creation of the SIBUR Petrochemical Holding. Headed the SIBUR-KHIMPROM PJSC and URALORGSINTEZ plant consortium in the city of Chaikovsky, Perm region. Supervised the construction of petrochemical facilities, including the construction of a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) production plant in Klaipeda (Lithuania). Experience in gas processing and chemical industry – more than 40 years.


The company's production activities and equipment meet the highest standards of environmental safety. Prior to its entering the atmosphere, the air emitted by the production ventilation system passes through a special system of adsorbents that absorb residual amounts of organic impurities.

Considerable attention is paid to industrial safety and labor protection issues. Gas analyzers reacting to the presence of organic pollutants in the air are installed in the production and warehouse premises of the enterprise. All our work stations and facilities passed the required certification.

The special assessment of labor conditions at 29 work stations at our enterprise was performed on July 23, 2019. The corresponding report was approved by the chairman of the assessment commission.

All work stations are rated to be of acceptable class of working conditions.
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