Polyurethane materials are widely used in construction and in various kinds of repairs. Basic polyurethane materials and products made of them that are used in construction and repairs:

  • Polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) "sandwich" panels (pre-insulated elements of enclosing structures); thermal insulation panels with soft lining (thermal insulation of walls and roofs, roof sloping) – rigid PU foam/PIR.
  • SIP-panels with their insulation layer made of rigid PU foam or polyisocyanurate.
  • Pipe thermal insulation (pre-insulated pipes with PU foam- and polymineral foam insulation, pre-insulated pipes with thermal insulation made of sprayed PU foam, "shells") for various industries, housing services and utilities – rigid PU foam.
  • Thermal insulating elements (boards, "shells", slumping and other products), obtained by the sharp/contour scission of blocks made of rigid PU foam or PIR.
  • Vacuumed thermal insulating boards with soft gas-tight lining and filler made of open-cell rigid PU foam.
  • Closed-cell rigid sprayed PU foam and PIR for thermal insulation of civil and industrial construction facilities (walls, roof) and other objects (tanks, etc.) in various industries.
  • Open-cell sprayed PU foam for noise insulation of construction facilities.
  • One- and two-component polyurethane paints, varnishes and coatings, polyurethane and hybrid silane-polyurethane (SPUR) adhesives, polyurethane binding agents for rubber granules. Polyurea-based coatings.
  • Polyurethane and hybrid silane-polyurethane (SPUR) sealants, sealant adhesives, polyurethane pastes, various injection and filling one- and two-component backfill (grouting) compositions.
  • One-component construction foam (OCF) in aerosol packaging: household, professional/winter professional - semi-rigid PU foam.
  • Two-component filling systems in cylinders for on-site application - rigid PU foam.
  • Products made of PU elastomeric substances or microcellular PU foam (expansion joints in concrete structures, support elements, rollers, pulley facing).
  • Polyurethane binding agent for crushed stone and other types of stone (used for shoreline strengthening constructions, railway embankment, landscape works).
  • Pre-compressed sealing tape (PST) based on elastic block-structured PU foam impregnated with special acrylic compounds (filling of mounting seams when installing window units, etc.).
  • Polyurethane mixes used for poured-in-place floors, filling agents for thermal seams, polymer concrete, spackling compounds and cements based on urethane binding agents ("urethane resin").
  • Decorative and structural elements of various types of density (interior wall panels imitating stone, exterior wall panels faced with clinker brick/tile, moldings, baseboards, columns, sockets, garden sculptures, etc.).
  • Filter elements for special ventilation systems made of reticulated PU foam.
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