Certain brands of polyurethanes, especially non-foamed or microcellular materials, have a unique combination of low (when compared to traditionally used structural materials) density with high strength properties and exceptional wear resistance. Therefore, polyurethanes firmly occupied their niche in the ranks of the polymeric materials used in heavy industry:

  • Wheels, rollers, plugs; cladding the surface of pulleys, shafts and pulling drums (drive elements).
  • Housing of various industrial units and assemblies - integral rigid high-density polyurethane foam, non-foamed rigid polyurethane.
  • Crawler and idler wheels, bearings and thrust collar pivots – PU-elastomers.
  • Shock-absorbing gaskets of industrial machines and units – PU-elastomers, thermoplastic PU (TPU).
  • Pneumatic hoses, tubes, gaiters and sealing materials - PU-elastomers, TPU.
  • Soft connection clutches – PU-elastomers.
  • Hydrocyclones and their components - PU-elastomers.
  • Stirrer blades, scrapers and lining for slide-type valves – PU-elastomers.
  • Screens for sieves, lining of concentrators and ore classifiers - PU-elastomers of high hardness.
  • Springs for stamping production - PU-elastomers.
  • Coating of mill rotary shafts – PU-elastomers.
  • Drive belts made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU).
  • One -/two-component paints, adhesives, coatings based on polyurethane and polyurea.
  • Filter elements made of reticulated polyurethane foam.
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