Modern consumer goods manufacturing (the so-called light industry) cannot be imagined without the wide use of polyurethane materials known for their exceptional elasticity and wear resistance, good strength properties, sufficient resistance to aging and household chemicals, high wear resistance and hypoallergenic qualities:

  • Polyurethane fiber (lycra, spandex, etc.) and fabrics made of it have a high coefficient of elongation in all directions.
  • Double-/triple-ply textiles with fabric made of elastic block-structured PU foam (production of outerwear, overalls, etc.).
  • Shoe soles made of microcellular polyurethane - for the production of various types of shoes.
  • Underwear accessories (bra cups), shoulder pads – elastic block-structured PU foam.
  • Artificial leather based on polyurethane materials.
  • Fabric impregnated with polyurethane compounds in order to improve water resistance or create specific texture.
  • Polyurethane adhesives for footwear industry and other applications (reaction one-/two-component adhesives, hot melt adhesives and solutions of polyurethane resins in organic solvents).
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