POLYSYSTEM 400T two-component PU-system designed for production of pre-insulated pipes by the "pipe in pipe" method.



POLYSYSTEM 400T two-component PU-system designed for production of pre-insulated pipes by the "pipe in pipe" method. The system does not contain ozone-depleting freons; foaming agent - CO2 (water).

Polyurethane foam obtained from the components of this system is characterized by excellent curing and by even number-density distribution along the product volume. Insulation operating temperature: up to + 150 °C. Properties of polyurethane foam insulation obtained with the use of POLYSYSTEM 400T system fully comply with the state standard GOST 30732-2006 "Pipes and shaped steel products in polyurethane foam insulation with a protective shell. Technical requirements."
System description:

POLYSYSTEM 400T Component A is a mixture of simple polyethers, foaming agents and functional additives.

Component B is polymeric diphenylmethanediisocyanate of low viscosity (PMDI/PIC: WannatePM-200, Desmodur44V20L, LupranateM20 S, VoranateM229, VoratecSD100 and their counterparts produced by other manufacturers).

Typical indicators:

* after the component homogenization.

Foaming parameters (mass ratio of Components A : B = 100 : 160)
Foaming conditions: stirring with a mixer for 15 s at a rotation speed of 3000 min-1. Components' temperature during foaming: (20 - 22) °C. Foaming characteristics may vary depending on the foaming conditions.

Typical properties of polymineral foam insulation based on POLYSYSTEM 400T PU-system

Recommended ratio:

Recommendations for processing:

The key conditions for the qualitative filling of pipes with polyurethane foam are: compliance with the accuracy of dosing and temperature conditions of the PU-system components' processing regime; sufficient mass of the poured PU-system portion; proper preparation and appropriate temperature of the metal pipes' surface.

Temperature of Components: (18 - 22) °C
Temperature of pipes: (20 – 30) °C.

Prior to pouring the system, the surface of metal pipes gets cleaned off oil, scale and rust. PU-system components are processed by means of high- or low-pressure filling machines. Technical documentation for the equipment and the process of obtaining finished products are the guidelines for the system processing.


TU 20.16.40-002-28643082-2018 technical requirements.

POLYSYSTEM 400T polyurethane system. Certificate of conformity TU, state standard GOST 30732, EN253 No. 01083 dd. 14.03.2019 (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, Autonomous Scientific Organization "Central Scientific and Research Institute of Corrosion and Certification").

Handling and storage

POLYSYSTEM 400T Component A warranty period of storage is 6 months - when stored in a dry place in a hermetically sealed manufacturer's container at a temperature of (10 – 25) °C.

Component B warranty period and storage conditions - in accordance with the technical data provided by the manufacturer. The POLYSYSTEM 400T PU-system technical requirements and Component B safety passport are the guidelines for the transportation, storage, handling and safety of these materials. These documents are updated periodically. Ask manufacturers and/or suppliers for updated versions of relevant documents before using the PU-system. When working with the above-mentioned materials, it is necessary to pay attention to personnel health, to compliance with safety and health regulations, as well as to environment safety.

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