Polyurethane materials are neutral with respect to various tissues and fluids of the human body. Moreover, products made of them are of low specific gravity and of high strength, and they are relatively easy to sterilize (non-foamed materials). Foamed PU materials are characterized by high load-carrying capacity and unsurpassed comfort properties. This makes polyurethane indispensable in the production of items used for medical and biological purposes:

  • Endoprostheses, implants, exoprostheses (feet, hands, etc.), alloplasty.
  • Artificial jaws.
  • General-purpose catheters and tubes.
  • Wound dressing elements.
  • Suture materials.
  • Soft parts of medical furniture (orthopedic and anti-bedsore mattresses, pillows and other products).
  • Plastic plaster (polyurethane bandage).
  • Polyurethane hydrogels.
  • Gloves and condoms.
  • Orthopedic shoes, insoles, inlays, pads and dividers for toes.
  • Parts of wheelchairs and various products for patient care.
  • Medical-purpose adhesives.
  • Medical applicators made of foamed open-cell polyurethane.
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