Polyurethane turned out to be indispensable for the production of overland transport due to its top physical and mechanical parameters and its suitability for the large-scale production of same-type products. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the interior of any modern overland vehicle without elements that are made of polyurethane. Polyurethane materials are widely used for manufacturing:

  • Stuffing for headrests, seats and reclining seats of overland vehicles.
  • Seats and headrests made of elastic integral PU foam, armrests made of semi-rigid integral PU foam for agricultural machinery, motorcycles, bicycles and a number of industrial vehicles.
  • Tubeless polyurethane tyres/wheels for low-speed vehicles used in mining and other industries.
  • Covers for car seats (fabric made of block-structured elastic PU foam padded with textile).
  • Instrument panels (sprayed-on "leather" and back panels made of semi-rigid PU foam).
  • Vehicle interior cladding materials (PU-leather, PU-film, etc.).
  • Sun visors (inner part is often made of semi-rigid molded PU foam).
  • Cladding of vehicle interior ceiling (urethane MDI-based binding agent).
  • Gearshift levers and similar devices made of semi-rigid integral PU foam.
  • Steering wheels and bumpers made of rigid integral PU foam.
  • Products for noise- and vibration isolation of vehicles (mats, liners, linings, covers, gaskets and middle elements of housing, etc. - products made of microcellular viscoelastic PU foam, twice-foamed PU, elastic and semi-rigid PU foam with "semi-closed" cellular structure), silent blocks.
  • Adhesives, sealants, paints, varnishes and coatings.
  • Parts made of composite materials (urethane binding agent).
  • Shock-absorbing elements, automobile air filters and other parts (polyurethane elastomeric substances, microcellular NDI-based polyurethane, filling PU-systems).
  • Filter elements for cleaning air used in railway transport - made of reticulated PU foam.
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